Over 25 years of experience means we know construction.

We offer a full scope of construction services, making us your one-stop-shop for any commercial project. We work diligently to consistently exceed client expectations, and our award-winning work results in long-term, repeat customers.

Below is a list of our service offerings:


Our pre-construction service is designed to lay a solid foundation for successful projects. It includes expert cost estimating and budgeting, ensuring transparency and financial accuracy from the start. Through value analysis, we help our clients make informed decisions that optimize resources without sacrificing quality. We’ll also schedule development and handle project phasing, mapping out project timelines for efficient execution and minimal disruptions. Finally, we’ll facilitate trade partnership development, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

General Contracting

With a combined 50 years of estimating experience, we bring unrivaled precision to cost projections, ensuring budgets are met with accuracy. Our deep understanding of Oklahoma’s economic landscape ensures that every project is aligned with regional trends and demand. Anchored by a specialized field management team, we execute each project with meticulous attention to detail so we can meet our clients’ specific requirements and objectives. Importantly, our ability to navigate complex industry demands (and adhere to local governing authority guidelines and permitting) ensures a smooth and compliant construction process.

Construction Management

Our construction management service is tailored to bring your vision to life seamlessly. By fostering strong collaborations between owners and architects, we ensure that every aspect of the project aligns with your goals. With well-established connections to local design professionals, we assemble the best team for your needs. Our expertise in bid package planning and development guarantees a streamlined process, while our construction cost analysis provides accurate financial insights. Through value engineering, we optimize your project's efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Backed by an extensive trade partner database, we bring together the right experts for each job, making sure your project receives the best management from start to finish.

Tenant Improvement

Our tenant improvement service enhances spaces without disrupting the daily operations of the owners. Operating within occupied areas, we prioritize a seamless workflow that lets owners continue their day-to-day activities without disruption. Our problem-solving skills allow us to swifty tackle issues, preventing any delayed completions. We take pride in our meticulous approach, paying close attention to every detail and including high-end finishes to elevate the aesthetic appeal of each space. Specializing in Class A office spaces, we add significant value to every project we take on.


Our design-build service brings a streamlined approach to our clients’ construction projects. With established connections to local and statewide architects, engineers, and designers, we ensure a diverse pool of expertise. This translates to quicker project delivery, as we foster close collaboration from start to finish. This integrated process not only accelerates timelines but also bolsters our value engineering capabilities, resulting in cost-effective solutions. Our strong subcontractor and vendor relationships guarantee owners of top-notch quality and value throughout the project.


We take pride in our self-performed services, offering a wide range of capabilities and ensuring quality and control throughout the building process. With expertise in utilities, we handle essential infrastructure with precision. Our proficiency in earthwork guarantees a solid foundation for every project. Concrete work is executed flawlessly, providing durability and structure. From general carpentry to hardware and door installation, our skilled team pays attention to every detail. Finishes are meticulously applied, adding the perfect touch to each project. Additionally, our surveying and layout services guarantee accuracy in every aspect.

Job Order Contracting

Job order contracting (JOC) is the ultimate project delivery method for clients seeking construction services of any scale. Fixed fees are set and costs are determined using trusted national averages from RS Means or The Gordian Group software. By collaborating directly with our skilled contractors from day one, JOC slashes procurement time, putting our clients in the driver’s seat. Through preset task item costs and transparency, costs are controlled without compromising quality.

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